Friday, January 25, 2013

A Very Merry Christmas!

 Sorry this post is soo late! We have been pretty busy. i work long days and by the end of the day i just want to crash! same with shane. he is a study machine. I am however very proud of our christmas sweaters that i made. I went to goodwill and bought old stockings and cut them up and also found these sweaters and BAM! we have ourselves some ugly sweaters! it was fun. but i didnt have a sewing machine and so it was pretty tough hand sewing it all on! 
 Love White Elephant gifts, especially when we get a Mexican VHS and statue, oh and lets not forget the Sombrero!!! 

 It is fun having parties with the PA group!
 This is my friend Kathryn. Moving to Vegas was a pretty scary thing for me. We had so many friends in Rexburg and felt so comfortable there, not to mention i actually could hang out with Shane when we lived there too. Now he is always studying. It has also been hard because i have to work a lot so i dont have a lot of time to hang out with anyone. Kathryn is in my ward here. we actually met at the gym. we happened to work out right next to each other and then realized we were in the same ward. we then became workout buddies and the rest is history! I am so glad to have her so we can go to the 99 cent store and temple together. what a life eh? i know that heavenly father put her in my life for a reason! i am also grateful that we have our PA friends and of course Mike and Mica Barret (cousins) too! we are getting more used to it here and enjoying it!

 It was a small group of us for Christmas but it was so fun! we enjoyed every minute of it and got spoiled while we were there! it went by way too fast!
 The boys all got matching sweaters! so cute!
 Gus is the Grinch that stole Christmas. Cant you tell?

 This has been my view everynight after the gym. i come home and listen to christmas music by the fire while shane studies! it is the best feeling ever when i get to relax by a warm fire. 

 Scott and Janel got the BEST white elephant gift! it was a date in a bag! what sexy undies they got

 Here is shane getting to hold baby Dakota for the first time! she is too cute. this is my best friend Sharyl's baby. it is so fun seeing my friends have kids. especially when the kids look so much like them! little Dakota looks a lot like sharyl

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