Monday, March 3, 2014

Baby Carter goes to Bellingham

Carter got to spend his first Christmas in Bellingham and had such a blast. He got to see the Ocean for the first time and snow for the first time! not often do you put those two in a sentence together, only in Bellingham! haha below are some fun pictures we took during our trip.
First time on a Beach and seeing the ocean! he was a bit cold but loved it!we were so lucky to get good clear skies almost the entire trip there.
 The amazing nana and papa! Carter loved getting to spend time with them!
 Time with Grandpa Haas
 This cutie loved being with Grandma Haas.

 Walks in the wind. This is his "wind in the face" look.
 It was so nice being here and having lots of time with Shane. He did have to study some but definitely got to relax and enjoy seeing his family and friends!

 I look creepy here but Shanes mom always does a great job on my hair when we are in town or she comes to visit! LOVE IT!
 Carter was so warn out after church
 Santa came to visit the Kiddos and brought carter his first gift from santa!
 Carter was loving meeting all of shane's extended family!
 Fun with Santa and the Wheatley cousins!
 Carter got to meet Uncle Cody over Skype. Carter couldnt take his eyes off the screen.

 Our little soccer stud!

 He got to play the baby jesus and did a great job. just sat there and stared while everyone took pictures. Jaxyn and Hatcher played a great Mary and Joseph as well :)

 Got to see some of our favorites.

 this is one of my favorite pictures! Carter's first time petting a doggy. What a cute little dog!
 Fun catching up with the Forbergs!
 This little Chubber is now 3 months!
I couldnt resist this picture! He is so dang cute and loves being on his belly all the time. 

Getting Ready for Christmas!

 This little guy melts my heart!! just look at those eyes and his sweet little hands!! i love him more and more everyday and still cant believe he is actually my child!! so proud of his milestones and all that he has learned since being born! he now laughs lots, rolls over and loves to bounce up and down! 
 getting bigger!! He giggles so much when i squeeze his little thighs. oh soo ticklish!! i know he is already 5 and a half months old and i am posting these way late but better late then never! :) 
 His stocking is hung by the chimney with care!
 went and saw some christmas lights with some of our favorites! Carter loved them but was a little confused at the same time!

This is my favorite of the pictures! Arent my boys too cute!! :) 
 Took Carter to meet Santa for the first time while Shane was studying. He fell asleep on the drive there so he is asleep in the picture! i think it got him on the nice list tho, because he was definitely the easiest child that santa had to meet. Santa didnt even have to say anything to him, or give him a candy cane! haha It has been so much more fun this Christmas season with a little guy around!
 Our annual Gram cracker Gingerbread house making with the Barrets! it was lots of fun. We are so sad they will be moving away from us soon, but so happy for them that mike will be graduating dental school and they will be having a baby girl! what big changes are soon to come! 

 I think we over did it on the candy! It is now March and we still have some left over.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Blessed little boy :)

 Shane was able to give baby carter an incredible baby blessing and we had such a great time with all our family in town. I got lucky to have my 25th birthday in the same weekend and so a lot of our family got to be there to party with us. Carter was so awesome and even slept 7 hours straight the night before my birthday! he hasn't done that since but we are working on that.
 He is just like his daddy and gets annoyed when we take too many pictures!
 OH MY GOODNESS!! who could resist this little man. those blue eyes just melt my heart everytime. Thanks Grandma Haas for the super cute outfit!
 Shane is a great daddy to our little guy. nothing sweeter then watching shane bond with him.
 grandpa weeks!
 Grandma weeks
 My studly brother.. He is single ladies!
 Oh how i love my grandparents! they were so sweet to come and spend time with us. it was a busy busy weekend for them, with also going to a homecoming, but they sure made carter feel the love. and of course grandma made some delicious desserts that i ate way to much of!!
 We put this little guy through torture with pictures and passing him around all over the place but he was a good sport. i have never felt so much love from family and friends as i have in the last few months. people are so generous and are helping us get adjusting to parenthood.

 The Grandpas! Two great guys that carter gets to call grandpa. LUCKY KID!
 Becoming parents has really opened my eyes to a new appreciation for my parents and all that they taught me! I do not know how my parents and shane's parents survived raising five kids! oh my goodness! i have lots to learn that is for sure!
 Shane's cousin Kai and his beautiful wife patti who is also expecting a little boy! so glad they got to come and cant wait to meet their little man!
We missed those that couldnt be here but here are those that we able to make it on my side.
 Shane's Brother from another mother..Josh..came! we love josh, tessa and little Harper and are so lucky they could make it! Also Shane's second parents got to come to!! what would we do without all this amazing people!?
 Here is some of Shane's fam. Wish it would have gone by so fast so we could have all partied longer!
Carter loves time with Grandma Haas. 

the lovely brinkerhoffs!!!


That was a fun filled weekend!! the following monday we just slept and slept as much as possible to recover. this little man was so tuckered out!