Sunday, March 10, 2013

Palm Springs with some of our Favorites!

 We got to go to Palm Springs with some of our favorite People to watch Kai play in a UVU baseball Tournament. it was perfect weather. we all got sund burns on one side of our bodies, got to lay out by the pool, eat out and just hang out in the hotel room. it was a much needed relaxing weekend getaway!
 Me and mica! 
 My handsome husband :)
 What a tough loss but it was so fun getting to be with family! we are so blessed to have such great couples to hang out with. Best moment was when Shane and Robert tried to sneak Pie in and got kicked out. The had to sit at the entrance and finish eating it until they could come back in. but then the whole rest of the Game there were tons of people bringing food in. for some reason they just didnt like shane?

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