Monday, April 15, 2013

Home for EASTER!

 Shane and i got to go home for the Easter weekend to California and it was so much fun! we got to do egg roll which is a big tradition for my family. we all dye our own eggs and my dad makes a bracket. we take turns and roll the eggs together, just two at a time, and only one breaks everytime. This slowly narrows down the eggs until there is a winner. and guess who was champion this year!? my momma! she was the champ of only four but still. it was so fun. probably the smallest group we have had for egg roll yet. 

Here is the bracket my dad makes every year! and shane was so disappointed when he lost to his mother-in-law!

 I have the world's greatest parents. they are so good to us and make me feel so blessed.

My mom...or should i say the Easter bunny brought us a girl outfit and boy outfit. of course Easter morning the boy outfit was for Shane and the girl outfit was for me. i guess we will wait and see what the next week brings us. i have an appointment and will be far enough along that i should be able to find out the gender! cross your fingers.

 I just love our beautiful back yard! so many Saturdays as a kid i spend back there helping my dad trim plants, law grass, pull weeds. hard work pays off because it is beautiful and my dad is so good at keeping it looking amazing!
 The Easter Bunny also got us some Hula Hoops and i must say, nothing is funnier then watching Shane and my dad hula hoop! haha..they were pretty good by the end. wish i got it on video.

 Our sweet new ride!! shane and i now have a new car that will be perfect for when i have this baby. and my baby bump is starting to show. i am going on 16 weeks now.

 We also got to see the Spains since they moved just two hours from my parents. it was so good seeing them. wow we miss them so much! they are such a good little family and we got to meet little cooper for the first time too! he is such a good little baby and so cute!

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