Monday, March 3, 2014

Getting Ready for Christmas!

 This little guy melts my heart!! just look at those eyes and his sweet little hands!! i love him more and more everyday and still cant believe he is actually my child!! so proud of his milestones and all that he has learned since being born! he now laughs lots, rolls over and loves to bounce up and down! 
 getting bigger!! He giggles so much when i squeeze his little thighs. oh soo ticklish!! i know he is already 5 and a half months old and i am posting these way late but better late then never! :) 
 His stocking is hung by the chimney with care!
 went and saw some christmas lights with some of our favorites! Carter loved them but was a little confused at the same time!

This is my favorite of the pictures! Arent my boys too cute!! :) 
 Took Carter to meet Santa for the first time while Shane was studying. He fell asleep on the drive there so he is asleep in the picture! i think it got him on the nice list tho, because he was definitely the easiest child that santa had to meet. Santa didnt even have to say anything to him, or give him a candy cane! haha It has been so much more fun this Christmas season with a little guy around!
 Our annual Gram cracker Gingerbread house making with the Barrets! it was lots of fun. We are so sad they will be moving away from us soon, but so happy for them that mike will be graduating dental school and they will be having a baby girl! what big changes are soon to come! 

 I think we over did it on the candy! It is now March and we still have some left over.

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