Thursday, September 1, 2011


Lisa is having a girl! The Hones have been great friends to us and so i decided to throw a baby shower for lisa! it was so much fun! i went with the zebra and pink theme and i think it turned out great! it was kinda stressful since i had no clue what i was doing, but You Tube and Amy Spain helped me so much!

 Diaper Cake
 The CANDY bar diaper guessing game! you melt a different candy bar into each diaper and the guests have to guess what each one is! and the winners got candy!
 This is where the Mommy to be go to sit and open all her amazing presents! so fun!!
 Amy Spain was such a help to me! she helped me come up with ideas! decorate and LOTS more!
 We wanted to try the chocolate but decided against it considering that it looked like POOP!
 You have to have food!! oh and a chocolate Fountain, thanks to misty kesler, i had plenty of dishes! And i made the tissue flowers while at work. it was so fun and easy to make them!!
 The cake was made by amy! no clue how she pulled it off! i could not have made it! it was six layers and delicious!
 Here is Lisa Hone..the mommy to be!! only a few more weeks!


Such good friends!! love these girls!!


  1. Katelyn! You blog now!!! Yay! I am so happy. It will be great to keep in touch with you and Shane. Hope you guys are doing well. XO

  2. i do blog!!! now we can follow yours too!! wish you guys lived closer!!! i want to get to know you better!! going to your wedding was so fun but we didnt get to chat much!!