Tuesday, September 20, 2011

FALLIN it up Once again!!

It has been a busy few weeks, but we are loving every minute! First i went to one of my BEST friend's suprise birthdays and it was fun! Janelle Larsen is now 21 years old! woot woot! she is such a great friend and the cutest little thing! It is wierd going to parties with single people now that i am married! i hate that shane was at work! i only stayed for like ten minutes because it is so different being around all those single people! i feel OLD! haha But being around all the single people makes me even more grateful for shane!! wow i love the married life more then anything!!!
 Shane was the Best Man at our good friend Josh Brinkerhoff's wedding! he married such a great girl named tessa and the reception was gorgeous!! congrats Josh and tessa!!
 These cakes were sooo yummy!! i just couldnt decide which one to choose from! they had everything from snickers cheese cake to carrot cake! such a cute idea!
 Here is the beautiful couple towards the end of the night. We could tell they were soo ready to get out of there!! their colors were yellow and gray! it turned out beautifully! the bummer part was that it decided to rain lots that day so they didnt get pictures outside of the temple. it was so nice the day before and the day after..wierd!! they got some great ones at the reception tho.
 Here we are with the happy couple!!
 The center Pieces! those little balls are eddible! it took us awhile to figure that out! they are like the sixlet candies! i ate one too many of those!
My mother in law bought me this new nail polish called crackle! i love it! you put it on and it drys and crackles over the color you put on first! its fun! i usually dont paint my fingers but i had to make an exception.

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  1. cute polish! I dont usually paint my nails either, but there is something about being pregnant with a boy that makes me want to be girlie haha!