Sunday, October 28, 2012

Holy COWboys!!

Shane and i had so much fun dressing up with for our party with all the PA gang. We had to come with a theme and bring a desert that matched. I was of course..a COW and shane was a Cowboy! such a cute cowboy at that! we even brought brown cows as dessert! that is vanilla ice cream with chocolate milk poored over it. YUMMY! thanks Janel and Scott for such a fun party :) i usually cant get shane to dress up but he was a good sport this year!!
Funny story behind the cow costume...When i was in third grade i was kinda a chunker. the chubby kid in class. I tried out to be the main part in my school play of Charlottes Webb. i was set on being Charlotte! instead they put me as a COW and all i said in the play was.."MOOOOOO" the whole time! sad right?? haha this is that very costume from third grade and yes i was chunky so the costume still fits me to this day but i had to be a cow to get over that awful scarring experience as a child! thank goodness i have a cute cowboy by my side that always makes me feel beautiful no matter what, even if im a cow! haha
 The boys! we had a pirate, baker, the mad hatter, the cutest cowboy ever, a lion and Harry Potter! 
 And of course the gals! another pirate, queen of hearts, cow, bun in the oven, zebra and another harry Potter Character!

Me and my cute little Alice in Wonderland! :) 

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