Saturday, October 6, 2012

Night out on the Town


My parents are so fun and goofy! it is so wierd that having your parents with you on a night out on the town used to be not so cool and embarrassing but once you grow up it is so fun and you cant get enough time with them!! having them here was the best and it went by way too fast!
I didnt get the right timing on my jump but my dad is the bomb and he did! haha

My parents are so in love and i love it! i have learned a great deal about a good marriage from them! they still hold hands and i can see that they truly care for one another. I am glad that i have had their example in my life so that i know how to work on my own marriage! :) This trip was my parents last big trip before my moms scary surgery. she is getting her discs on her spine fused together and has been so scared about it. there is a chance she could not be able to talk again because of where they have to go in through her neck. There are also many other scary risks, but my mom has been in so much pain for so many years that it is worth those risks so that she can live without so much constant pounding pain. and she will also get feeling back in her arms!! yay!

Dont you love shanes shirt! i picked it out myself! he is just so good looking and kind to me! our marriage truly does just keep getting better and better as the years pass. He knows me better then ever and i know him better then ever as well. We make such a great team! go us!


My two favorite men walking side by side! I love watching my dad and Shane hang out! they have become good buddies and i love that becasue my dad and i are pretty close so it means a lot to me that he likes my awesome hubby. all you girls out there know what i am talking about ! there is something special about having your dad and hubby joke around together!!
The Belagio had some sweet gigantic pumpkins!!

Belagio Water Show!!
The time we had with my parents was so fun and we are sad it went by so fast! they are always so good to us and spoil us! hopefully we will see them soon and in a few short weeks Shane's fam is coming!! yay!


  1. Not much is better than having your Dad & your husband get along. It's incredibly gratifying. I totally know where you're coming from. It's like your old best friend and your new best friend liking each other! How fun to have your parents there. Hope your Mom's surgery goes well!

  2. You guys are seriously so cute! I am obsessed with your top, it is awesome! Looks like you guys are having fun in Vegas, we need to come visit! We are home in Calgary and looks like we will be here for a year or two for sure. No further school yet!!! Miss you guys!

  3. thanks ash! i got it a kohls! love that store!