Thursday, July 18, 2013

Can't Contain our excitement!

And baby Haas will be named... Drummm rollll pleaasssee....Carter Michael Haas! we have been so excited and we just couldnt wait any longer! we have gotten started on the room. Gotta love Walmart discounts and Michaels! It was so fun sitting there and painting all the stars with Shane as we shared our excitement about baby Carter joining the family! 
 Anyone who has put together a crib knows how much of a pain it is! it took us a good three hours to put this together! so worth it because we love it but man it was annoying! 
 I have loved painting and using things we already have to decorate the room! Paint does wonders! 
 Random pictures of us at Ceasar's Palace on one of Shane's study breaks. 
Carter's Grandma Haas knows us too well! this was the perfect gift to get Carter! Shane was so excited. For those of you that cant tell..Shane LOVES soccer. The first time Shane felt the baby kick was while we were watching soccer. it was so fun to see Shane get so excited. He always says that this boy will play lots of soccer, but i told him we need to sign him up for a few different sports and let him choose his favorite. Shane didnt like that idea, so i said we either sign him up for different sports or we sign him up for dance. I think Shane will make sure he signs up for a few different sports now..haha!

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