Thursday, August 8, 2013

~On The Count Down~

Less then two months and Shane and i will be parents!!! wow i can believe it! it has gone by fast but also slow at the same time. I am on the home stretch...LITERALLY! this baby is getting huge! i seriously think he is big enough and ready to come! This whole pregnancy thing teaches good patience.

Before the baby comes there will be lots going on and i am going to try to work up until the baby comes, so that will keep me busy as well. We have been so blessed with so much and i couldnt be more happy with the way our lives have gone! i have a loving husband and a cute little baby on the way. The first few months of pregnancy were pretty hard. but i do love feeling my baby kick and learning his sleep patterns. i am not a fan of trying to find cute clothes while i feel and look like i swallowed a watermelon. Especially in this Vegas heat! so impossible! I know it is all worth it and am so excited to be able to hold this little guy in my arms and not my gut! haha this is a random post but ohh well! :)

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