Monday, November 25, 2013

Newborn Pictures

My oh my our lives have changed so much!! and for the better of course! :) sorry i have been so bad with my blog! all you mommies out there totally understand. I just wrote a huge long blog post about everything i went through and everything about Carter but i erased it because it was just too long and i didnt want to put you all to sleep! Here are some of Carter's Newborn pictures taken by the amazing Dayna Tayler!! here is a link to her website...

I feel so bad! Carter peed on EVERY SINGLE blanket that Dayna used for Carter!! She did such a good job getting cute pictures of him even tho he wasnt tho most cooperative little guy! i could stare at this pictures all day! 


  1. Katelyn... write that post about Carter and the birth... you will want it for later. Even if it just for your posterity. I look back at kasen and Jakes birth posts often... plus I want to know!

    1. i wrote it in my journal so i do have it. i am just feeling so behind on the blog i dont know where to start! haha

  2. LOVE the colors in those photots.