Friday, September 27, 2013

Carter is Here..Photo Overload!

 Here i am just before the craziness!! 
 Oh what would i have done without doc Swainston!! When Carter first came to us i didnt hear a cry! it scared me so much. i looked at shane and he seemed concerned. all the nurses were quiet and focused on baby..Shane then told me that the cord was wrapped around the babies head! Worst feeling in the world is having that baby not cry at first! never a good sign. Doctor Swainston hurried and cut the cord and still no cry! Carter had a ton of mucus in his lungs and they had to clear it out before Carter could breath or cry! they handed him to me and i think that help him get the energy to cry and from then on he was just fine! he has a scratch on his head from them having to pull him out so quickly but he did great! He is 7 pounds and 1 ounce and 20 inches long. just PERFECT! i am so in love with him and Shane as well! we are so blessed and excited to raise this little guy! Below are some fun pictures from our time at the Hospital.
 First Family Photo
 He is such a mini Shane! those eyes are so much like daddies! I think he will look a lot like shane but i did notice that Carter does have my thumbs! hahah at least he got something of mine right?? i know this cuz they are double jointed and so are mine!! 
 I promise he loves his daddy. This is just after Carter had his first bath. so not fun for him.
 Sleeping and so peaceful.
 He got to dress in his hospital best for a couple pictures. what a little cutie with his Bowtie. He is such a trooper with that camera flash. i swear i am going to blind him with all the pictures i keep snapping of him! Poor little guy. 
 I was exhausted after a night of only an hour of sleep. WOW sleeping that first night at the hospital is IMPOSSIBLE! nurses come in and out constantly to check me or baby and i was just to excited to sleep. all i wanted was to be with my little guy and to stare at him and hear him breathing. Shane is such a trooper! he also didnt get much sleep and had to leave us for a four hour exam at school. Hopefully he did ok on the test but i know that was pretty rough for him! 

 Checking out of the Hospital took a long time. we thought we would leave that morning but it took till five to get out of there. we were so excited but also scared to take him home. Life was so different now. we now have a little guy to take care of! best change ever! i have been so excited and have always looked forward to being a mommy! yes it is tiring and can be not so fun sometimes but so worth every moment! 

 He is so tiny!

I sure hope we can be the best parents for this little guy! Let the Adventures begin :) 

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