Sunday, July 31, 2011

One Year Anniversary today!!!!

today is our one year anniversary! wow i am so blessed to have a cute hubby in my life! one year ago today i woke up with butterflies in my stomach! i was nervous and excited about everything from how my hair would turn out to how incredible the covenants were that i was making that day with my heavenly father! i have been so blessed because of my opportunity to get married in the temple to shane and am so grateful i was able to have all my family there! the first year has taught me so much about true love. Shane is always there for me and makes me feel so special! 
i remember the first time i really realized that shane would do anything and everything it took to be there for me! it was when i had a bad reaction to my birth control and woke feeling very dizzy and disoriented. i then dropped to the floor and was having some sort of seizure. he called the ambulance and i went to the hospital. they werent sure what it was..maybe a brain tumor? but soon after we were told it was the birth control. i couldnt walk or do much of anything for a couple days and shane slept on the floor next to the couch i was on and took care of me! he even helped me clean up and wash myself and go to the potty! you always wonder if you will be lucky enough to have someone that will take care of you if something bad happens and i know that shane will always be there for me!  ok ok...ill stop the sappy love stuff now!! haha..i am just so happy that i have been so blessed and get to celebrate today!!!! <3

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