Saturday, August 13, 2011

cheers to One year!!!

Shane Arranged these himself! i thought that was so sweet of him, then i found out that is the cheaper way to go! haha...those of you that know shane, know that he loves to save his money! they were beautiful! Thanks shane!

he even bought a table cloth and made the table so cute! GO HUBBY!!

This was the center piece! yes they look very ugly, but this is where it all began! on our first date we went to walmart to pick out an art project! we got these and painted them and talked! it was fun! and it was so cute that he made them our center piece and now we are MARRIED!!! yahooo

Shane is so excited to eat all this delicious food!! dig in!
We also saved a martinellis from our wedding and popped it open for our one year celebration! i liked this idea way more then saving some cake!!

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  1. You guys are so cute! Congrats on a year of marriage! and cute blog :)