Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just Bored...

today at work i sat here for eight hours at the desk and did absolutely nothing just waiting for people to come into the office! this really made me want to pick up on some new hobbies! i do get to watch tv shows, facebook and browse the internet but that is just getting so old!! i did scrap booking for awhile but that just is too i started blogging! well this is me being bored!! shane works until pretty late. He has a great job and it gives him hours of experience with PA school. He works with kids from bad homes or anger issues and does a great job!! I just love how hard he works. It isnt always easy but he gets me through it all! woot woot! while he is at work and i get off earlier i go to the gym and get stuff done around the house until he comes home. in two weeks he has his first interview with Toro Pa school in Las vegas! we are praying he has some success there and they like what they see. we will just wait and see. if not there are other schools that we are waiting to hear back from!

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