Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Shane and i went to Portland, Oregon with our friends, mike and becky, and we got to see ty and bonnie and their three adorable kids!! It was so fun to get to hold little sawyer for the very first time! Shane is getting better with the whole holding babies thing!! he is so cute with the kids! its fun for me to watch because i know he will be a great daddy! cant believe that ty and bonnie have been married seven years and their kids have grown so much!!! wish we could have stayed longer! while we were there we got to go to the Portland zoo!! we also got to pick berries and just hang out! with the black berries, bonnie taught me how to make some really yummy jam and i have been eating peunut butter and jelly sandwiches every day since!! I was super bummed because my camera died at the zoo and i never got to take pictures of shane and i with ty, bonnie, kimball, ava and sawyer!!!  hope to end up there someday. Portland is such a beautiful place!

This was my first time riding in a train!! and shane just bought the tickets!! i was pretty dang excited!! haha

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  1. We were so glad that you came! I'll send you the pics once I go through them!