Friday, October 7, 2011

Aloha Hawaii and Goodbye Rexburg!!

 Shane and i got to go to Hawaii this last week! it was sooo fun! i loved every moment and i know that Shane did as well! this was my second time going and his 1st! we had perfect weather there and such an awesome place to stay! my dads boss owns a house there and so we got to stay at the house on North Shore that is neighbors to the guy who started Billabong! we had a great view and the best sunsets!
 My HOT hubby just hanging out in the Ocean! this is sunset beach and this is where the soul surfer Lost her arm!! kinda scary swimming there!
 Pretty Sunset!
 We learned to Paddle surf! it is really easy and fun! i accidently ran into a old chinese man that was fishing though! oops!!
 Shane was in heaven at the Dole Plantation!! he got to enjoy a bowl of pineapple ice cream! yummm...
 cute little pineapple!
 The turtles were amazing! we went snorkling with them and the were always just laying on the beach by our house! reminded me of Finding nemo! They were the coolest when seeing them underwater.
We climbed up Diamond Head to see this amazing view of Wiakiki! it was a steep hike up stairs but well worth it!
 DATE NIGHT!! shane and i got to go to the Polynesian Cultural Center and watched the night show! it was way fun and incredible how much they put into the show! great dancers, great costumes, great set!

 Another Gorgeous sunset from our backyard!! definitely not missing rexburg!

 Temple DAY! this was such a cool experience! the temple was gorgeous inside and out! we were in a session with a huge group of missionaries from the area! we were asked to be the witness couple again! i swear we are the witness couple every time! :)
Sooo in LOVE!

 Some North Shore Burger Joint! i stuck with the chicken Salad! but shane, my dad and mom got some huge Pineapple burgers!!

 Look at how huge my jugs are!! haha..first time i have ever been able to say that!! we love pineapples!
 They had the prettiest flowers ever there! everywhere we went i saw new bright flowers.
 Swap Meet!! we got to go to the swap meet in honolulu and got some fun stuff! my parents are awesome and took us to do some fun things while we were there and this is one of them!
 We visited a football stadium while we were there! I dont even know the team but shane was excited to step foot on the field and walk through the tunnel! he is a CHAMPION!!
 Look at those muscles!! go shane! haha
Shane loved paddle boarding as well! we even got to meet up with my cousin colby that teaches at BYU hawaii and his three cute kids and wife! they are livin the life in Hawaii for sure! love them!

Well there is a summary of our awesome trip! wow it went by sooo fast! and now i am back in rexburg where it has been snowing nonstop!! what the heck? it is so not cool going from sunshine and tanning to boots and big furry coats! ohh well! back to and school! bring it on! thanks mom and dad for a dream vacation and thanks Shane for making it a BLAST! LOVE YOU HAWAII! aloha!

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  1. How fun!! I love Hawaii. I want to go. And I want to find that pineapple statue so that I can say I have huge jugs too, lol. That cracked me up, love it! Glad you guys got to go on a fun vacay. We're hoping you end up out here for school:)