Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tis the Season!!!!

I absolutely LOVE this time of year! i love the cool fresh air, the yummy smells everywhere and the happiness that seems to be on everyones face! I have been just soo excited for Christmas lately and keep looking up christmas crafts and things that i can do to keep the Christmas spirit!! but wait...it isnt even Halloween yet..oops! well i was so excited for Christmas this year that i made shane watch The Grinch with me! LOVE THAT MOVIE! (the one with jim carry) i need to slow down and just focus on Halloween! what should my costume be? what to do? hmm...

This weekend i am watching my sister's kids and i have some fun crafts planned for them..coloring and pumpkins! cant wait! They are the cutest little kids! i am so blessed to be an aunt! i wish i got to see all my nieces and nephews more often! this past sunday we were at the Wilson Family's house for Emmett's First birthday!

Kaylee was talking to me and she said "when i am a mom i will have a salon, tons of kids, and LOTS and Lots of babies! oh and i will shop at D.I. aunt kate!" hahaha...she is the cutest thing and gets so wide eyed and excited to tell you everything!

we were all sitting down to dinner and i noticed that my sister, Lacy, had put out some poppyseed dressing (which i love) for the salad! we were talking about it and Kaylee chimes in and says "oh i LOVE puppies too aunt kate, i have a puppy shirt and stuffed animals!" we all got a good laugh! Ethan just rolls his eyes and says, "oh Kaylee!!" they are like an old married couple! it is the cutest and so refreshing for us to be around them! love it and cant wait for this weekend of fun!

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