Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vegas here we COME!!!!!!!

Shane got accepted into Touro University for their PA program!!! he starts in july of 2012! we are so excited. i am so proud of Shane for working so hard and making dreams come true! it is actually in Henderson, Nevada, which is Mormon central! we will have lots to do and i am most excited about the weather!! i cant wait to get out of the Rexburg cold! i have started looking at options for me there, but they really dont have a good dental hygiene program, sad! so not i am looking more into PTA (physical therapy assistant) the pay is about the same so we will see if it is something i would enjoy. im still doing my research. i am just so relieved that we have an idea of what will happen now. did i meantion Touro is a jewish school? haha apparently they accept quiet a few mormons. i thought that was pretty cool. right now we are searching for apartments and the best place to live. if you have any insight feel free to share.  We just feel so blessed. prayer is a powerful thing :)

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