Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Im 23..YIPPEEE!!

 Shane scored some big brownie points on my birthday! First he had flowers sent to my work! they were  gorgeous and i felt so special! This was the first time i had flowers delivered to me from the flower shop too.
 When i woke up and went into the bathroom, there was the sweetest note written on the mirror :) what a lovely surprise! it said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you soo much i hope you have a great day love. you are my best friend and i couldnt hope for a beter wife. LOVE, Shane!" :)

 My Friends and family spoiled me! my sister drove all the way from Idaho Falls (40 minute drive) to surprise me with balloons and a gift certificate to Kiwi Loco..yumm! i got some very thoughtful cards from family and friends, along with some other suprises too!! love you all for the love and making me feel like a princess all day long!!
 Wingers for dinner! they have popcorn as an appetizer and i got a yummy chicken salad, topped with a free dessert! those of you that know me really well, know that this is the perfect meal for me. Looking at this picture just now, it looks like i have a coors light hat on! oops!!
 I share my birthday with our good friend Rick Hone. we celebrated it together last year and again this year! this year our good friend, Amy Spain made an awesome cake! the snowboarding half for Rick and the Hawaii half for me!!! she is so thoughtful! :)
Happy Birthday to us..Rick is 25 and i am 23!

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  1. Yay for birthdays! The best. Looks like yours was fantastic. Isn't it just the sweetest when they (husbands) put so much adorable effort into it. Because it's so not anything they love to do, but they do it because they know WE love it. So sweet. Glad it was great. XO.