Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Partying until 2012!

 Isnt Shane the Best looking man you have EVER seen? haha i just love him and still look at him and get butterflies! i love it..
 Its official! patti is now a Hatch. we got to go to their reception and they sure are a beautiful couple! congrats to you guys and welcome to the family!
 I love these people! this is shane's aunt and her grandchildren :) it was fun getting to see them. the little baby is the best baby ever. he never cries, he just sits on your lap and cuddles with you.
 Shane and i went to Canada. it was my first time using my passport. The parts of canada that i saw look just the same as the US. The only differences i saw was were the speed limit signs measured in kilometers and the money is different. we got to go to the Vancouver Temple and do a session. it is a pretty temple and we got to do sealings with shane's Grandpa as well. what a special temple trip!
 At one of the family gatherings, shane and mike disappeared. i went looking for them and they had disappeared in the other room and were playing Yahtzee together! smart boys..haha. Mike is going to Dental school in Vegas and so shane and i will live by mike and mica! we are very excited to live by family.
 MINUTE TO WIN IT! mica is so cute and put together a minute to win it game for us on new years eve. the Girls kicked butt too! this was a pretty hard challenge of stacking apples. no one could do it!
 Shane failed at the apple stacking challenge too
  This was a funny one. you had to balance the tooth brushes on the hat and carry them across the table. Carolyn won!!
 The whole fam is partying till 2012!
 Nana is quiet the partier! she was nonstop all night long! i just love her. she was pretty good at the games we were playing, nothing stops this women!
 The boys finally did the five apple stack challenge. We all cheered so loud when they did it. afterwards i looked at the apples and they had cheated. they bit an apple so it would stack better!! oh boys!
The happy newly weds!

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  1. Looks like SO MUCH FUN!! I am so sad we missed everything. Glad you guys had a fun time :)