Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What a weekend!! ugh..

This last weekend was not the most fun! First of all we were hanging out with some friends and the topic of the flu came up and i said, " i cant remember the last time i got the flu." Guess what hit me that same night!!!?! i should have knocked on wood! i woke up at 1 in the morning and spent 2 hours in the bathroom with a good shower and trying to get my stomach to settle. this seriously is the worst feeling EVER!!! Upon entering back into our bedroom, Shane was still sound asleep without a clue of what was going on. In his sleep he started to sing to me, " Hello Hello, Hello Hello we welcome you tooodayy!" with a smile on his face. I am glad he can even get me to cheer up when he is sound asleep. it was hilarious! but part of me was like, "ohh shane if you only knew what just happened to me!" haha

This night reminded me of a night back when we first got married. Shane was dreaming of an Eagle attacking him. somehow, i became the Eagle as i was laying next to him sound asleep. he started pushing me of the bed and shoving me pretty hard so that i (the eagle) wouldnt attack him. I woke up just furious and started yelling.."Shane STOPP!! what the heck are you doing!" he then responded as he was still somehow asleep, "the eagles are attacking me!! " oh the joys of sharing a bed! Shane is one hilarious person to sleep with. He is always talking in his sleep!

As for me and the icky flu, I am feeling a lot better now. lets hope it stays that way! I am also now taking accutane to get rid of the dreaded acne! yahooo...i hear it isnt the most fun at the beginning but cant wait for this medicine to work so i can be acne free! I never really had acne growing up and now it decides to come! so wierd to all of a sudden have bad acne at age 23. thank goodness for medicine though.


  1. Poor girl! I also don't remember the last time I got the flu, but I just knocked on wood so hopefully it stays away. And acne! The worst isn't it? I got acne SO badly when I was on the pill. It's not fair. It was so bad that I was like "screw this", I couldn't do it anymore. Good luck with everything. Miss you and Shane! When are you guys moving to NV?

  2. hey nicki! we miss you too...when will we be able to see you guys!? we move to NV in june and we cant wait to get into some warmer weather! but we are very sad to leave all our great friends here! and dont you just hate being a girl? our acne just depends on the time of month and guys either have it or they dont. WE are just a hormonal rollercoaster..my rollercoaster went out of control on birth control too! why ohh why! haha love ya