Wednesday, February 8, 2012

BUSY BUSY being a nanny!

wow..this past month has been crazy busy! shane and i both have our full time jobs but we also nanny many of the families in our ward while their parents leave for weekend getaways or big vacations! right now we are staying at the Erikson home. they have five boys and their parents have gone to Hawaii for a week! LUCKY them!! We love this family and it is fun, we get to eat great food, sleep in a comfy bed and we actually have tv. At our Apartment we dont get television. The nannying can get pretty stressful when trying to juggle our full time jobs and these kids. In order for us to do this, shane and i need to have opposite schedules and so while im at work he is with the kids and then we switch. not much time for us two to see each other because we also switch off each day and going to the gym, but we love getting the extra money and we are saving as much as we can for Shane's PA school (it starts in July)! below are just a few pictures of the boys we are watching right now! soo cute :)

we are watching a different family for president's day weekend and then the following week after that we will be watching a little family of four with a baby, while their parents go to Cabo. oh how i wish that we could be the ones traveling to these cool islands and tropical getaways! maybe someday :) I am sorry i have been a bad blogger lately, but we have been overloaded with kids this month and i really havent put much thought into it, or taken many pictures! i will post some soon though :)

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