Thursday, February 16, 2012


What a great life i have! i have a great husband who loves and cares for me! We both have great jobs and work with good people! We are both healthy and motivated to work out and stay in shape!  We are in a great ward and have the best family on both sides that love and support us through everything. We were both raised in the Gospel and know with all our hearts that it is the True Church. We are surrounded by great people here and sometimes i just need to stop and take a look around and enjoy the moment. I tend to get so caught up in day to day tasks that i forget how much i have to be grateful for and how lucky i am!! I am so grateful for our friends here and the love that i constantly feel from those around me as well as my heavenly father. He knows us so well and knows exactly what we need and when we need it, all we need to do is the best we can and trust in him to help us where we fall. Shane and i are headed to Henderson Nevada in June and leaving good ole rexburg Idaho will be pretty hard. we love everything and everyone that we have met here, but on to new adventures and opportunities. THANK YOU everyone for being so kind to us!

Here is a video that i watch very often. it helps me remember those things that we tend to forget when life gets crazy and you feel like things are spinning out of control! love you all


  1. Well wasn't this post just made for me! Im having one of those days! So thank you for your beautiful words! Love you guys!

  2. aw. im glad i could help you out! those type of days are the worst. makes you feel something is wrong with you for being down, but its life! love you and loved the yummy chocolate bouquet you made mr. sir..hehe

  3. Katelyn I am soo grateful for you! We will be very sad come June...