Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nanny fam of the week!

This week we have been watching SIX kids!!! wait let me count...yup SIX! Their parents went to Cabo for the week and left us to party with the kids! there have been some good giggles, good cries, and good food, clogged toilets, spilled shakes, and of course poopy diapers!!

The kiddos:
Camdon- one year old
Ripken- 4 years old
Bostin-7 years old
Pyper- 8 years old
Macey- 9 years old
Mackay- ten years old
 The kesler's two cousins stayed with us too. that is why there are six kids.
The cute Kesler family! 

Shane and I have Nanny jobs coming out of our ears, but it is great money and we do really enjoy being around kids. what a great day it will be when we are with our own kids. Today we get to go see the new movie...LORAX!! i can't wait to get out of the house! 


  1. All the kids were sitting on the couch just laughing and talking about silly things. I then ask them what super hero or princess they want to be. The girls say little mermaid, snow white and the boys say super man and some others. The four year old then says " i want to be a hot man" BAHAHA...we were all rolling on the floor with laughter!
  2. Shane was about to change a poopy diaper and bracing himself. He (like all men) HATE poopy diapers. He then opened the diaper and said "ohh its not even that bad! its just corn!"
  3. I am currently on accutane and hating my face right now. the acne gets worse before getting better and I'm in the worst of it right now. I had just gone to the dermatologist and they poked and jabbed at my face to get some acne to go away quicker. my face was pretty red and i had to go to walmart to pick up my next refill for accutane. I was in Walmart and waiting in the pharmacy line. A girl kept looking at me and finally came up to me and said "want me to give you a facial to help you with that acne?" i couldn't hold back the tears after that one! i was feeling down about my face already and she just topped it off! what a meany! i told her i was on accutane and then cried on the way home. when shane got home from work i gave him a hug and said "That girl at walmart was a meany. i thought that everyone was accepted at WALMART!" He laughed sooo hard and told me that was the funniest thing i ever have said. we just laughed and I'm over it now. just can't wait for the accutane to work its magic on my face!! Shane is so sweet though and tells me how pretty i am even with my acne. what a great hubby!
well that is just a little update on our lives right now. just more and more nannying! 


  1. Katelyn you are gorgeous and those things were hilarious, not the part about the meany girl but what you said! Miss you guys!

  2. Oh my goodness, I just read this and then I had to read it to Dave, you are so funny! haha And that girl is a total jerk! haha Glad your husband was there to pick you up!