Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Little Laughs in Life that Keep us Going!!!!

A few days ago Shane came home and was excited to give me a button bracelette that he made me at his work with one of his PSR kids! He was so cute and excited that he made it himself. i put it on and gave him a kiss and we sat down for dinner. I then asked Shane how his day went, he started to tell me the random events of his day with the kids he worked with.
He then said, "ohh and guess what!? one of the girls that gets PSR from us has lice and she gave it to her PSR worker and a few other people from work. The girl and her worker were the ones making the botton bracelettes with me and my client. They found out that the girls all had it, after we made the bracelettes, so i need you to check my hair. "
ahhhh yuck!! my hair is getting ichy just writting this story! So i immediately took off the bracelette Shane made me and chucked it far from me (eventually just washed it). I also combed through Shane's hair and didnt find anything! Later Shane found out that the Girl he works with gave it to all her roommates and other kids that go to shanes work have gotten it too. Shane was lucky enough to not get lice and therefore, i dont have it either. Lice is the worst..It is so yucky, ichy and makes you feel so dirty and gross.
THANKS soo much for the bracelette Shane. Your the best husband in the WORLD, but next time please warn me when you made the bracelette with some girls with lice..yuck!
I actually  got lice when i was in third grade. I had just changed schoools and didnt know anyone. One of the girls in my class wanted to play with my hair, so i let her. By doing this as recess, she gave me and a few other girls lice. i just remember sitting in class and one by one the kids in our class went to the nurse to get checked. when it was my turn, they found lice. The teacher went back in to the class room and anouned to the whole class that i had lice. GREAAAATT... that is one way to start off being the new girl. how humiliating! when i came back the other kids had tons of questions about it. it was such a pain washing and washing and doing treatments and brushing through a thousand times with a comb! my mom is a trooper. This post just gives me the creeps. i cant write anymore..YUCK YUCK YUCK...everyone...wash your hair!

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  1. hahaha this is so funny/sucky lol. i can't believe shane forgot that little detail hahaha. we miss you two!!!