Saturday, April 7, 2012

Young Womens and LOVIN it!

So i have the BEST calling in the entire world! YOUNG WOMENS!! this last week we had a braiding party and it was a blast! lets just say i woke up the next morning and had some really cute crimpy hair! :)

 Braiding train!!!
 I seriously love these girls! they are always so cheerful and positive and full of life! they help me remember the things that matter most in life. i am always so happy and hyper after hanging out with them!!!
Trista sponenburgh showed us all different kinds of braids! I got a sweet corn rose so my hair would be crimped the next day!!!


  1. You are lucky you have so much hair to braid! I'm jealous! YW is the best! So fun!!!

  2. YOU DO have the best calling in the world! lucky girl!