Friday, April 6, 2012

Family...Isnt it about TIME!?!

This past weekend was such a blast! we went to Utah to see family and friends. We got to see Cameron Haas, who is Shane's brother that just got home from his mission in Argentina!! he is such a good guy and is attending BYU Provo. it was a blast getting to know him better. The ONLY time i met him was when Shane and i were just dating. Shane and i hadnt said "i love you" to each other or talked of marriage yet, but we both just knew at the time. When i gave Cameron a hug before he left to go on his mission i whispered in his ear "see you in two years!!!" haha That same night Shane told me that he loved me! was a blast getting to see him for the first time since shane and i tied the knot and i became Mrs. HAAS! Im glad it really happened or else i would have felt pretty silly whispering that in cameron's ear and then not seeing him in two years!!!
we also got to see Brooks, who is Shane's oldest brother and he is living in Murrey, Utah and just working and he is such a stud. He always makes you feel accepted and just so easy going! i love all of Shane's family. we got to see his dad and cousin as well! It is always fun being with them because i feel like i have known them Forever and they truly have become my family!

 The Brothers!! love seeing Shane with his brothers! wish that Cody and Tyler could have been there too. but in the Blue is Cameron and in the Black hat is Brooks! And of course the stud in the middle is my hubby, Shane!
 We also got to see Nichole Jensen. She was one of Shane's best friends growing up and we just love her! and in the Yellow is Shane's awesome dad!
 We had the privileged of going to Shane's Cousin Kai's Baseball game. He is the Short stop for UVU's baseball team and is way good! When we first got there i asked Shane where Kai was on the field and he said " he is short stop. " i gave him a bank stare and asked "what is that and where do they play?" he could not believe i didnt know where the short stop played. My dad, who is a baseball fanatic and played pitcher in College for BYU, would be so ashamed!!! it was embarrassing!! i know!!

Our Utah adventure was just beginning..NEXT STOP....Josh and Tessa Brinkerhoff!! 
 Josh is one of Shane's BEST friends and it is always fun getting to see him and his sweet wife Tessa! Shane and Josh are the goofiest when they are together.
 We ate at the Yummiest place called Zuppas and it was a soup/salad/sandwich place and i could eat there two times in one day!! ohh wait...we did! haha we went there for lunch and dinner that weekend!
 Shane is wearing a Snuggie and so ready for some General Conference! The talks were amazing and just what i needed to hear! Josh and Tessa also made us a DELICIOUS breakfast too! yummy
 Shane wasnt fully awake yet! he has the cutest sleepy eyes. The snuggie just tops it off too!


  1. Love zuppa's and love the snuggie! Glad you guys had a fun trip!

  2. sounds like a super fun weekend! I bet you guys really needed a weekend of fun with all the babysitting you have been doing! Can't wait for Sunday!!

    1. thanks bonnie! your so sweet! it waws so nice to have a weekend not working and to see family and friends.