Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gettin Crafty!

does anyone else feel like i do? by that i mean do you feel like going on pinterest and looking at other girl's blogs is kinda frustrating!? i see so many cute crafts and recipes and these girls creating so many awesome things and i am just not the craftiest girl in the world, but i finally did a CRAFT! I just dont think i have as much motivation to do it as these other girls. but i finally decided i would start making BEANIES! My beautiful mom taught me how! she is the kniting and Crocheting queen. it has been pretty fun. it only took awhile for me to actually do it but now i have cranked out at least ten of them! :) All my friends are Cranking out babies and so i have been making tons of cute little bady beanies and just getting cute outfits that match to go with it. its a fun thing to keep me busy at times. of course i learn to make this beanies as soon as im about to move to HOT vegas! im sure no one wears beanies there. craft...swim suits? nahhh

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