Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Magic of Paint!

 I wish i would have taken a before picture. Our dressor was old, used, broke, scratched and FREE! we used it for over a year like that so that we could save money. Our good friend Lisa Hone, is really into repainting furniture so it looks like new! we went to town with our furniture and i am soooo excited to put it in our new place cuz it looks like NEW! and we only had to buy paint for it. i just reglued all the drawers together with wood glue and took off the hands and spray painted them silver. the handles used to be gold and the dresser was a dark oak. i LOVE IT! thanks Hones and Spains for your help!!
Boys are hard at work putting the handles back on.

 Lisa is a PRO painter!! she is such a trooper!!
 The Hubbys!
 Little Quin couldnt take the painting anymore!
 Our othere dresser turned out great too!! :)

Here is the Kelser Home! we are staying here for a few weeks until we move to Vegas. They are so generous to let us stay at their home while they are out selling for the summer. We are already having to pay rent for our new place in vegas so this is saving us BIG time!! :) We will miss the Kelsers tons.

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