Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Young Womens!!

 Ohhh how i love these girls! i have had so much fun with them. I feel like a young women my self still, sometimes i have to remind myself that i am a leader and am supposed to be mature and not so goofy..doesnt work! These girls are so precious to me! they remind me of all the happy things in life and are so excited about everything. It reminded me of when i used to be like that and i need to strive to always be this way. Life has so much to enjoy and i cant let the little stressful things ruin my day! I will MISS them so much when i move to Vegas!
 This was a pregnant mama fish. Dont worry, we let her go so she could have her babies in peace.
 The young Women president's little girl broke her jaw four wheeling and now her poor little mouth is wired shut for a month!! She had to just set candy in the side of her cheek until it was gone! that is one way to diet
 My favorite Leaders! they are always so kind and make me feel so good about my lessons and activities!
 The Beautiful Pond!
 My goofy girls!!

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  1. SO fun!!! I bet they love having you as their leader!!