Saturday, September 1, 2012

My AWESOME new job and getting settled!!

When we first moved to Vegas, i was feeling so discouraged with job hunting. i couldn't find anything or anywhere to work with good pay and good hours. Shane was gone all day at school and then he would have to come home and study. I spent all day by myself. It was such a lonely time for me. we were away from everything we knew and I had no where to go and no one to hang out with. there were many days that i would go the whole day without being able to talk to anyone. I'm not gonna lie..i got kinda depressed! there was one day that Shane got home from school and i just hugged him and started to cry. It was so hard for me to go through this. I'm the type of person that loves having a lot of people around and friends to talk to, so to not have that anymore was so hard! Shane knew exactly why he was supposed to be in go to PA school of course. but what was my purpose now? it was tough waiting and waiting. Heavenly father may not answer prayers when you want him to, but he always answers them on time. i love that saying. it is so true. i think i needed that time to myself. i needed to reflect on some things and what was really important. It made me realize more then ever how much i love time with Shane. Us moving to Vegas has strengthened our relationship more then ever. We don't hang out with many people here and so most of the time all we have is each other. i am loving it! We have so much fun together and its so fun how much more you get to know a person after two years of marriage! I love that Shane now knows me better then anyone! ANYWAYS...enough of the mushy talk and back to my job..haha

So my uncle that lives here in Vegas said he knew a guy that worked at the school where there was a dental hygiene program. i decided to schedule a meeting with this man. The night before the meeting i knelt down and prayed my heart out that something would come of this meeting. i dont think i have prayed with all my heart like that in a while. i am so grateful for the opportunities we get when we do pray so hard and reep the blessings from it! the man i was meeting with is professor Jackson. He is an older man that is about to retire and is the Dean of Business at CSN. i met up with him and he was such a kind man!! His wife is in the Tabernacle choir and they have eleven kids!! WOWZERS! but he started talking to me and asking me questions about myself and seeing how he could help me. we went to the dental department and it was too late for me to get into the program. i was super bummed. but then Professor Jackson said, "i have a dentist appointment today and i think they are going to be looking for a new girl to run the front desk for them since the other girl is pregnant. I'm going to bring you with me to meet the dentist!" haha he is so hilarious! i was a little nervous about just coming with him to his apt and bugging the dentist but he seemed pretty confident that i would be the perfect girl for the job. so i went! The dentist and i met during the planned apt time for professor Jackson and he ended up canceling his apt so that i could get an interview! what an incredible man!! the interview went pretty good and Dr Reynolds just told me to bring in a resume to him so he could look it over. Professor Jackson met with me for two hours and helped me to write an awesome resume so that i was guaranteed to get the job! what a kind man to help a girl that he had just met and there was absolutely nothing in it for him. but i know he feels of the great blessings of helping those around him. and guess what?? i GOT THE JOB! I know that heavenly father brings people into our lives for great reasons! some help us get to the next step in our lives and some teach us great things and some bug us so much and teach us patience and kindness. Professor Jackson was prompted to help me and followed through with it to the end.

i have loved every minute working at the dental office. I also love wearing scrubs every day. they are so comfy and i never have to pick an out fit out! since i have been there i have been working as an assistant and helping in root canals, fillings, and crowns. I also get to bring patients back, clean, polish and floss their teeth and take xrays! i love it. time goes by so quickly while i am working there! part of me is kinda sad to move to the front of the office and work there because i feel like it will be more boring. it will be more to do with insurances, patient files, answering the phone and all the sit there and watch the clock kinda stuff! hopefully i am wrong and i will love it but i just love where they have me now so i don't know if i will like the change. the people that work there are also very nice and just great to work with!! The other dentist in the office has also been so kind! he had a really nice video camera that he never used and gave it to me! what a kind person. i offered to pay but he wouldnt let me. he made me promise to return the favor to some other younger college kid someday and do something kind for them. Well thank goodness for people like professor Jackson that are willing to take time out of their day to help those in need even when they don't know them. and now i will get to clean his teeth some day! haha  There are also many famous people that come into our office because it is right by the strip, and its so fun getting to meet them and realize they are just people too. I have been MUCH happier since working at this job. it keeps me busy and now i have a purpose here besides supporting shane in school..of course! YAHOO for blessings!

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