Saturday, September 1, 2012

White Coat Ceremony!

Shane made the news! Check it out here...

 Looks like my hubby is getting pretty serious about this white coat thing! haha. He looks good in a white coat tho... doesn't he? So i was confused about this ceremony and why they had it towards the beginning of the students schooling but i guess in order for them to do rotations and certain things at school they need to take the Oath and once they receive the White Coat it means they will Honor the Oath. We still have two years of schooling and rotations to go but it was a cool ceremony!
 We were so glad that Shane's Dad got to come to the Ceremony!
 Here he is getting his white Coat!
I love that Shane goes to a Jewish school! There was a Rabi there and we started with a Jewish Prayer! I am so proud of Shane! he works so hard and wants to succeed so much! He is so motivated and studies his butt off, and i know it will pay off! 


  1. Yay Shane! His serious face is funny... I guess you cant be too serious about your future career, can you? So happy for you that you found a job. It's THE WORST to have nothing to do while hubby is busy. That's (kinda) how I was our first year. I worked 12 hr nanny days and HATED life and when I got home I wanted Mckay to DOTE on me and love me but he always had to study or work late. It sucked. It's the best having stuff of you own to do & be happy about! XO

    1. DITTO!! its so true. time with the hubby is precious these days and its hard when the only time we have is going to the grocery store or taking care of the necessities! no fun! but it will all be worth it! :) 12 hour nanny days? thats just crazy. you go girl!