Saturday, September 1, 2012

Take me out to the BALL Game!!

 Shane got free tickets to a baseball game from his school so we went with lots of the PA boys and their wives! it was lots of fun and we even got free hats! shane and i arent really hat people but we thought it was cool. the team is called the 57's. i honestly cant tell you a single thing that happened in the game. i love people watching at those types of things and block out the whole game part of it! haha we did get some yummy peanuts and pretzals too!
 Some of the PA group with their free hats. They are all so nice. we are lucky to have them here. and Shane is lucky to have some great LDS guys in his class to study with and help him stay motivated!
 Isnt Shane so cute! i just love him oh so much! :)

 Speaking of ball game, Shane and i went to hang out with some friends and family the other night and it was a blast! we played Volley ball, Basketball and ping pong! Lets just say i beat all the boys in the above picture at basketball well i guess just knock out!! haha i miss playing! i love when i get to play because i think all the boys didnt expect me to be good.  This all took place at the Flagg's home. Their daughter, Patty, married Shane's cousin Kai!! They are the sweetest family ever and they are one of those families that you can just walk in anytime and they always have people over . they fed us some yummy food including steak!
Oh how i just love Mica and Mike! Mica is Shane's cousin and they were best friends growing up! They live here because Mike is going to UNLV for Dental school! it has been so nice having them here to hang out with! Mica has been so sweet to me! especially when we first got here and i had no job! me and her went to the Trump tower pool together, the temple, sewed purses (my purse looked..welllll..not so great!)

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