Friday, September 20, 2013

FULL Term and Ready to POP!

It's True i am Full term. I am 39 weeks now and am dilated to a four! i have been having crazy contractions at night but then they slow down after a couple hours. My doctor is surprised that i haven't had my baby yet. Oh how i wish he was here already! I didnt realize how hard pregnancy would be! my back hurts like crazy and the anticipation alone could kill ya! haha i am so grateful that i have had a good pregnancy and am almost to the finish line. It is kinda scary..Heavenly father is trusting me to raise this little guy and i hope i can be a great mother. This waiting game plays with your emotions..thats for sure! i feel like time is at a stand still and he will never come. I have been going to the gym everyday and have been working out my whole pregnancy. the last couple weeks i make sure to walk 8 to 10 miles at the gym everyday and am proud of it. It isnt easy when a bowling ball is weighing down your back and hips but it will all be worth it when i have a quicker recovery after Baby Carter Arrives. I am sure next time i post, it will be all about Carter and the delivery. My mind is going at a hundred miles an hour! i just hope he is healthy and we are able to be great parents to our little guy! :) Bring on the diapers & late night feedings.. We are ready for you little Carter!


  1. You will be an awesome mommy!! I have NO doubt about that!! It's a hard job and it doesn't get much easier as the grow. The trials are just different. You will make mistakes...we all do. Just do the best you can and trust your motherly instincts, they are usually right and most likely the Spirit guiding you. I am so impressed you went to the gym everyday! What an inspiration you are to me!! 8-10 miles a day! I have a hard time doing more than one. I am so excited for you and Shane! Can't wait to see the little guy!! :) :)

  2. Waiting is so hard! My little man was 5 days late, but I'm really glad I let him pick his birthday :) he was born on the Fourth of July!
    I also walked a lot during pregnancy, and I lost all my weight within a week of birth!! I think walking had a lot to do with it :)
    Good luck!

  3. I cannot believe you walk 8-10 miles a day!!! I'm seriously so impressed. You are amazing! Best of luck! Can't wait to see the little guy:)