Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Luck of the IRISH!!

What a fun weekend we had!!! we got to nanny once again, but this time it was for my sister, Lacy's Kids. there is nothing more rewarding then watching those kids. i love them soo much, it makes me so excited to have kids someday and feel an even deeper love for them. The Wilson kids are so sweet and helpful. They melt my heart! We also got Celebrate St. Patrick's day with them and the Leprechauns came to the House!! it was so much fun!!
 Ohh my Goodness...the Leprechauns got into the Lucky Charms!!
 They turned the milk Green too!!
 They also took a bath and went to the bathroom. Green is EVERYWHERE!!!
 We all made sure to wear green so we didnt get PINCHED!!!
Had to have some LUCKY CHARMS! This is my little Princess! Kaylee is so sweet and loves to show me her dance moves and always tells me that she is growing bigger and bigger. When ever she sees me she smiles so big and gives me such a tight squeezing hug and tells me how much she loves me. she also tells me that her legs are now a size five even though she is only four years old still. She also told me and Shane that when she was Zero years old she has no voice but now she has an adult voice and can talk like and adult. What a big girl!
 Lucky charms + Green milk = DELICIOUS!! Ethan is so smart! He was trying so hard to catch the Leprechauns. I would set up a simple trap that wouldn't really work just so we could move on and do something else. but he would then tell me all the reasons that it wasnt a good trap. He is too smart. we finally got a good trap set up and it was lots of fun!
EMMETT is sooo cute!! He is a good little baby! It is so easy to change his diaper because he doesnt try and wiggle out of it. he even throws away his own diaper and puts the wipes away. He loves to snuggle with you as long as he is holding his little doggy and his BaBa (bottle)
 Shane thought he didnt have a green shirt but luckily he found a shirt with a tiny green moose on it! fewf..he is safe from the pinches!
 We are sooo Goofy! love little Ethan! He is so helpful and always says the funniest things.
 The Leprechauns visited again that Afternoon and put stars and a rainbow in the bathroom.
 They also tricked us with Fools gold! We tried to set a few traps to catch these little sneaky Leprechauns but no such Luck! they were way to fast and sneaky. danggg it!

 We went to a fun arcade called BLAST OFF!! we got lots and lots of tickets which meant lots and lots of dollar store prizes. Its so funny that even i get excited about tickets and prizes, when i know i could go buy all that i win for way cheaper at the store. Its just the fun of winning!!
 Picking out Prizes!
Monopoly! im so glad the boys played Monopoly while us girls got to paint our nails. I hate monopoly. it is the longest game ever!


  1. Your skin is looking lovely Katelyn! Really gorgeous. You guys will OBVIOUSLY make great parents. All that St. Patrick's day stuff was darling. We just got done babysitting SIX kids while their parents were out of town. We were so tired after those 4 days were up!

    1. you go girl!! ya it is tiring! it will be different when they are your own because you know the kids so well and can relax more. when it is someone elses kids you are freaking about and being so careful about every little thing! im sure the kids LOVED you guys! was it just pple in your ward there?