Sunday, March 11, 2012

Theres a Snake in my Boot!

What a weekend we had! we got to go to a Rodeo for our little Cowboy Hatcher. Shane's Cousin Brit has a cute four year old little boy that Has been through so much. He has had 4 open heart surgeries and he has now developed plastic Bronchitis. It could be something that takes his life if they dont keep it under control and it gets out of hand. It is very rare and they do not have a cure for it so we hope and pray everyday that a miracle happens. This rodeo was put on by many who love the Wheatley family and want to help. a lot of money was donated at the event! 

  Shane cant get enough of Hatcher. it is so cute. i just have to know as soon as Shane gets ahold of this little cowboy that he will ignore me the whole time. haha They are besties and i love that Shane has such a love for this little guy!
 Little Jacob keeps getting cuter and cuter. it is fun to get him to smile. He didnt cry one time at the rodeo. He is a great baby!
 Hatcher was teaching us how to Laso the Bull! He is so good at it.
 Love my cute niece and nephew and so glad that the Wilson family came to support Hatcher! They are so awesome for coming all that way!
 I cant get enough of being an aunt. i cant wait for this next weekend when i get to watch the Wilson kids with Shane. we love spending time with them.
 Lucy and Kaylee became friends very fast. it started with a few awkward hugs from Lucy but once they both discovered that they both Love pink they were convinced that they are BFFs. so cute!
 Here is the Wheatley Family. they were so overwhelmed with all the love and support that was shown for their little Hatcher. We look up to them so much for how strong and full of faith and hope they are!
 SOOO many supporters!
 Whenever we would ask Hatcher what Woody would say on the movie "Toy Story" he would say "Theres a snake in my boot!" Hatcher loves Woody and Buzz and is such a cute little cowboy!

 Shane is a great uncle. I LOVE watching him with kids. He will be a great daddy someday!
 Make a Wish Foundation came and surprised Hatcher with a trip to Disneyworld so that he could meet Woody and Buzz! he is very excited!


  1. Nice action shots! It was so fun hanging out with you guys!

  2. How fun. And what a cutie trooper Hatcher is! I cannot believe how grown up Lucy is! Seriously. Ask Shane about the time "we" (meaning me) babysat Lucy. She was only a few months old and cried/screamed the entire time (almost). Good times. How wonderful to have family close. Soak it up! Love you guys.