Monday, July 9, 2012

Weeks Family Reunion!!!

 Kimball and Ethan
 Emmett and Sawyer
 Kaylee and Ava
 Its swimming time!!
 We went to a Rivercats game and it was 109 degrees outside! yikes! it was fun to have everyone there and we are all so glad that grandpa brought us some yummy treats!
 Grandpa and Ethan!
 me and my GIRLS!
 Cousin olympics
 Gunny Sack races
 Doughnut Eating Contest
 Balloon Popping Contest!
 Three Legged Races
 Ping Pong Race
 Duck Duck Goose
 Grandpa was exhausted
 Happy Fathers Day dad! I love you!
 Bubble Hot Tub Time
 They went a little Crazy with stickers
 Madagascar 3!
 Boating time

 Oh how i miss them now that its all over. both of these girls are so cute and sweet!


  1. Okay, this looks insanely fun!!

  2. How sweet!!! I wish we spent more time with our nieces and nephews! (Who are all in TX & all on his side).
    I tried to write on Shane's FB wall yesterday & it didn't work- you'll have to relay this message to him.
    Mckay and I were just in Italy and we went to Bologna to meet a friend of his who lives there and who Mckay played football with. His name was Niccolo. They talked a lot about football (of course) & Coach Hatch was brough up. Nico was saying how when he first moved to Virginia (from Spain, and with very limited English) Coach Hatch and his wife were so good to him. Always having him over to dinner and activities before he made friends. It was sweet to hear him talk to fondly of him. He said that his wife (sorry I don't remember her name) had him over to Tgiving that year and made him a traditional Italian dish in his honor! SO sweet!!! I just loved that story and how much those guys really loved Hatch. He's your uncle right? Wanted you to know. Miss & love you guys. XO