Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just the Beginning of Our new Home :)

 We bought our first couch and love it! it fits in our front room so nicely and we got a good rug to go with it!! we are still working out getting enough friends to fill it but we will get there! haha :)
 The awesome shadow boxes in our kitchen! i do love that our kitchen has plenty of counter space and cute things on the walls!
 Our awesome new bedroom set that we got for free! we just painted it and made it look like new and we are loving how nice it looks now. it used to be wood with gold handles! :) Lis hone is the best, she helped us painted them all and she did a great job!
 our WALK-IN closet! something that i have always wanted! it is so nice having plenty of space for clothes and it is so much easier to keep it all clean!!
 This is our Guest bathroom for our extra room we have upstairs. we only spent ten dollars on decorating it cuz we used some decorations that we had before and bought just a few more! i think it looks great! :)
This is our bathroom and i love it too! it is the bathroom set that we got for our wedding and then we also have another bathroom but its not as cool as these ones. haha :)  The best thing about our new home is that we have a side yard that has a BBQ so we have been putting it to good use! it has been the best! it has been fun for me to decorate the house and make it feel more homey since i am stuck here most of the day while shane is studying at school. we still have more decorating to go but this was just what we got done in the first week :) im so proud! :)


  1. I think I need you to come to my house and help me decorate, it has never been one of my strong suits...

  2. you do a great job! i think your new home is so cute! i hope i get to see it in person soon! im excited to see our new couch!!

  3. We need to come visit! Looks great!