Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shanes awesome suprise and First day of PA school!

 Here he is everyone!!! the Hottest man alive! and yes i made him take first day of school pictures! he had to remind me he wasnt six anymore! haha. but how could i resist!? he has a new outfit and is looking so cute. he was also pretty nervous too!

 Making his lunch for his first day of school! im such a nerd but it was a proud moment for me! i am so happythat i married someone that works so hard and wants to succeed! he is so smart and deserves the best! yes i am bragging but i am so happy that we have made it so far! He applied to Touro University along with 1,000 other applicants for the PA program. Only Fifty got in and Shane was one of them! That is how awesome he is! it has been so tough since he started. Shane wakes up at six, studies till school at nine, studies until dinner, eats for a half hour, then goes right back up to study until bed time. it has been so sad an lonely for me since i havent had a job, but i just got one. i will be working at a dental office as there front desk girl! i cant wait to start on August 1st!! bring on the bacon. Student loans are just soo stressful! this will be a fun adventure for us to live here and i cant wait to see what great things will come of being here! :)
 Shane is soo tricky! he knows i love suprises and he also knew that our anniversary would be crazybusy with him in school and his first big exams the next day. So before he started school he suprised me with a weekend gettaway..well not reallygetaway! haha it was just down the street from our new home but it still didnt feel like home yet so it was perfect! he took me for a two night stayat the Las Vegas Hotel! it was a blast. we swam at the pool, relaxed and watched tv in the bedroom (we dont have tv, so it was a treat) and got unlimited food all day long. i ate great though. i jsut stuck to eating my favorite!! FRUIT! haha. one of the days Shane took me to a Outlet mall and we each got some money to buy summer clothes that we desperately needed since moving to Vegas! We got all of shane's clothes there but i am just too cheap! i said we needed to go to Ross cuz i knew i would be able to get twice as much for my money! and guess what...I DID! it was awesome how much i got for so little! :) Thanks Shane for the best early Anniversary celebration ever!! :)

I have never stayed so high up before! it was awesome!


  1. First day of school pictures are an absolute MUST no matter how old you are! I totally plan on taking Mckay's this year. And he better not give me any lip;)
    Your guys' apartment looks AMAZING! I would die for another bedroom. The space! Wish we were closer and could see it in person. It's so fun (and stressful) to start fresh and decorate a new home! Enjoy..

    1. i wish you two lived closer too! you seem like the perfect couple to hang out with. if ONLY!! so sad we never see you. shane was actually talking about how he wished we could take a trip to see you guys!! :)

  2. Shane looks great! I'm sure he enjoys being able to wear shorts to school! Haha your anniversary sounds so fun! And I also love Ross! Yay!