Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We left our hearts in Rexburg..who woulda thought?

 This is Sharyl. She has been my best friend for almost my entire life and she still continues to be there for me! i just love her. people have always thought we were twins growing up and even at this bye bye BBQ, Shane went up to sharyl and called her Honey! haha. he was shocked when she looked up and wasnt me! she is just beautiful so i love when people say we look alike! Shane and i love hanging out with Sharyl and her husband Raleigh. they are so much fun and such a cute little couple!! Sharyl is prego and i cant wait to hold her little mystery baby. Theyare waiting to see on the gender when she has the Baby!
 Goodbye to my Beautiful young women! i will miss them so much. This seriouslywas the BEST calling EVER!!! the girls helped me remember how to be happy about little things and not let the trials we face weigh us down and make us unhappy. They are so full of love and beauty!

 Shane's Soccer Buddies!!! I know that this is shanes hardest part of leaving Rexburg! he got so close to these boys and loved how easy it was to get together and kick a ball around with these boys, but he doesnt have anysoccer buddies now and it makes him sad! For shane , kicking around a ball helps him not be so stressed in school, but he doesnt have that anymore and his school is more stressful then ever!
 Here are two couples i will never forget! the Spains and the Hones! we had so much fun with them and they are so giving and sweet! Sunday dinners, BBQs, boating, cabins, snow mobiling, fourth of july fireworks, family dinners and the Hones, Chuckers games, and much more! they are so kind and fun and just the type of friends that are always there for you! i hope we see them again real soon!
 I grew up with Clay welch and this is his beautiful wife adeline! they are such a cute couple and they love eating fruit salad just like us! so we got to enjoy a few fruit parties with them!
 This is the girl that made it all happen and her Husband kasey! Amber and i became good friends and Amber wanted to set me up with Shane. She even said that we were perfect for each other and should get married, before our first date! Thanks to Amber that did happen! I am so glad she was put into my life to bring Shane to me! he is my Bestest friend!
 This is Mike and Becky! Mike was Shanes roommate when both of us couples started dating! they helped each other through our stupid girly moments and im glad they did. cuz now we are both married! love how things work out!
 Such a beautiful little girl! Quinley is so special to me because she belongs to our good friends, the hones! i threw Lisa's baby shower for little Quin and just love her cute giggle and smile! i miss her so much! Lisa always dresses quin so cute too!
 These are the awesome friends that got us all those treats!! shane roomed with Jake and was roommates with Jake when theyhung out with kate and now they are married with two beautiful children!!
 Our Friends stocked us up on yummy treats for the car ride to Vegas! oh how i miss all our friends so much! tears have been shed many times since being here. it is so sad on weekends or at night while shane studies and i am alone, but i am starting to make some great friends and it is getting easier!

Oh how i will miss having this temple so close. it is so nice to always be able to look up where ever you are in Rexburg and see such a beautiful temple!!

 The night before we were getting ready for the big move and we got a call from Budget trucks. they said " sooo do you have to leave tomorrow?" we said yes..of course. they told us that there had been a mix up and they did not have a truck for us!!! we were so frustrated. i was more then shane. we had the elders quorum coming to help us move everything to the truck that next morning! they said they would see what theycould do! they didnt get us a truck until two in the afternoon when the plan was to move in the morning since its a long drive! they didnt even give us a discount! the truck was five hours late!! the elders quorum had come and gone by theytime things needed to be moved. so we rounded up a few neighbor boys to help us!! was sometimes scary with those fragile boxes but everything was safe and sound. you could tell these boys are true scouts..haha!!
 What a lucky boy to get to drive this beast all the way to Vegas! He was such a trooper!
 We are so sad not to live close to ty and Bonnie and their adorable two kids! it was fun getting to see them every once in awhile and luckily we got to say one quick goodbye while passing through Pocotello!
Welcome to Vegas!

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