Saturday, May 18, 2013

Activity days :)

I love being an activity days leader. these girls are so cute! they make me feel so loved and remind me why the simple things in life make us so happy!  We had a recognition night for the girls and it was so fun! The theme was arise and shine forth and what arises and shines forth better then a Sunflower! 
 Sunflower cupcakes

 I couldnt find cheap sunflowers anywhere, so i went to Michaels and bought some fake sunflowers that were so expensive and just returned them after..haha! I just needed them for a couple hours so its not that bad right? 
 Love these girls! At the recognition night we had each girl get up and share an activity along with an article of faith. they came so prepared with crafts to share any everything. it was cute to hear them talk about the activities and fun for the parents to hear all that they do while they are at activity days. 
 Each girl went home with a cute book mark, thanks to sister huntsman, and a little baggy of sunflower seeds. it turned out great and i just love my calling. 

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