Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sad Goodbye :(

Shane giving his first true love a hug goodbye. What a bitter sweet moment this was for Shane and I (mostly Shane) we got rid of his little old honda accord! this car has been so good to him! This car is a classic. it has those automatic seat belts that slide back when you close the door and sounds like a little go kart! Shane and i went on our first date in this car and it was a great way for shane to make sure i wasnt into him for his car! haha When we started to get more serious he told me that he loved me while we sat in this car. We drove away in this car after we got hitched and it was decorated in cheese wiz and oreos. On our way home from our Honey moon we got a flat in the middle of no where at 4 in the morning. That was a big sign that the honeymoon was now over! haha When we were engaged, i went to a wedding in salt lake and borrowed this car. when i was on the freeway in the busiest part of salt lake city, in the fast lane, my hood flew open on the free way and i had to blindly make my way off the freeway while screaming my head off. I called shane hysterical and he thought someone had died or i was dying! it was so scarey! i drove four hours back to rexburg with a shattered wind shield! this made me hate that car and never want to drive it again. i think the car was mad that i was stealing shane away! We got a new hood but it was black for a long time. now that i am pregnant we have a more mommy proof car and shane has to say goodbye! 

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