Saturday, May 18, 2013

He is HOME!

So excited to have my brother jamison home from his mission for two years in Baltimore, Maryland spanish speaking. it was such a treat to get to spend just a day with him and to hear his homecoming talk! we had all five of us kids home for the first time in a long time! it was so much fun! 
 PREGNANT SISTERS! I also got to go to my cousin, Rebecca's wedding. Shane was not able to go cuz he had to stay back and study all day saturday. gotta love all the studying for PA school.
Jamison, Shane and Benson! many people say the Look a lot alike. 

 Love both of these girls! it was so fun getting to see them and fun to have my sister pregnant the same time as me. she is a month further then me and having a girl!

 my cousin nichole is such a diva!

 My parents usually have such a quiet house with all the kids gone so this weekend was such a treat for them to have us all there and a very FULL house!! all rooms were fills with people laying on all the floors but we all fit! it was a blast and i always woke up early to get a hot shower!

 Rebecca and Colby Holden were just glowing and so happy! it brought me back to my wedding day and how magical it all felt to me! Cloud 9 for sure! now i was at a wedding but a prego lady!! still cant believe it. haha. 

 This is a fun picture. for the first time ever my parents got to be with all five of their kids inside of the temple! what a treat! it was such a special time being in that sealing room with all of my siblings! we took this picture and you may notice that shane is not in it! we had my cousin that looks like shane stand in the photo behind me and we will crop shane's face over his face so that it is a full family shot! haha brilliant isnt it!? hopefully it turns out good. our family is growing so fast and i cant believe how big it is getting!  in just a few short months there will be 8 grandkids!
 Cousin Lovin!
 20 weeks!! 

So sad this weekend had to end so fast!! it was so fun while it lasted!

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