Saturday, May 18, 2013

I am officially over my half way mark!

 Its true its true! this baby boy has just 4 month left until he gets to join us! we are so excited and cant believe how fast time is flying by! i am already so in love with him even though when we went to my last ultrasound he was using my bladder as a soccer ball. Daddy was so proud! i dont have much of a bump yet. i am still in the "looks like she just put on some weight in her gut stage." But baby is growing so fast and i can feel him moving around more and more!
 Shane is determined to find this baby some awesome soccer jerseys but no such luck yet. why oh why did he have to pick the least common sport found on baby clothes. 

 My good friend janelle came for a visit. thank goodness she married a guy from vegas! what would i do without her occasional visits!? 
 Shane's mom came for a visit a couple weeks ago and it was fun getting to spend some time with her while shane studied his brains out! she also got us some cute outfits, and not to mention our first pack of diapers. Acorrding to Shane this will be the only set of diapers we need because our baby will be potty trained by then. haha..oh he is in for a rude awakening!
We got to have a cinco de mayo party with mica and mike and shane's parents! this is a great look for carolyn! it was so fun having us all together! 

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  1. The bump looks good on you!!! Seriously! So cute. I forget that you're a CA girl... I love & miss that area- especially the Oakland temple. We were there a year ago and need to get back! Happy half way mark! Hope you're feeling 100% better, Shane was telling me you had it pretty rough :(